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Filter Paper

This filter paper is a calendared, hardened, qualitative low-ash filter paper used to filter fine precipitates with the following qualities:

  • A very slow, extra dense paper made from 100% cotton linters
  • Lint-free surface
  • Highly resistant to acid and alkaline solutions.

Ordering Information 

Part No. 206056  Filter Paper 2.5" (6.35cm) diameter, box of 100
For use with HPHT Filter Presses and Half Area Filter Presses

Part No. 206051  Filter Paper 3.5" (9cm) diameter, box of 100
For use with LPLT (API) Filter Presses

Typical Properties  

Basis Weight 92 (g / m2)
Caliper  .137 (mm)
Densometer 172.3 (Gurley secs / 100 cc air 0.1 sq. in)
Water absorbency  .9 Klemm (1/16 inch / min.)
8.9 (g / 100 cm2)
Wet Strength 75 psi






Particle Retention

All paper grades are described by the type of particles retained, in accordance with ASTM Standard Methods. The particle size retention range for this paper is 2-5μm (microns). The filter paper meets or exceeds the standards established by the American Petroleum Institute as published in API Recommended Practice 13B-1 and API Recommended Practice 13B-2. 


Filter Paper

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