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The development of instrumentation to measure material properties has paralleled our understanding of their molecular properties. From the use of U tube viscometers to measure the viscosity of Newtonian liquids, we now use viscometers that routinely measure viscosity as a function of shear rate together with rheometers that can characterize the solid-like properties of the same material.

  • Viscometer - Model 35 Accessories
    Accessories for the Model 35 Viscometer
  • Chiller Model D4004
    Provides controlled sample cooling for a iX77 Rheometer
  • iX77™ Rheometer
    A coaxial cylinder type Rheometer designed to measure fluid rheologies under high pressures and temperatures with a high degree of safety.
  • Rheometer Model 280 Hand-Powered
    Requires very little field maintenance, and is the lightest field instrument available for determining plastic viscosity and yield point
  • Cold Water Rheology Kit
    Provides controlled sample cooling for a Model 35 Viscometer
  • Viscometer - Model 35
    The Fann Model 35 Viscometer is the standard of the industry
  • Rheometer Model 50SL High Temperature
    Designed for testing fluids at temperatures to 500°F (260°C) and pressures to 1,000 psig (7,000 kPa) in a coaxial cylinder chamber
  • RheoVADR Rheometer
    The RheoVADR Variable Automated Digital Rheometer allows recording test data without connecting to a computer or network.
  • Marsh Funnel Viscometer
    A simple device for indicating viscosity on a routine basis
  • Model 45 APV
    The Model 45 APV (Automatic Programmable Viscometer) allows for customized, preprogrammed test schedules with touch screen controls digital measurement technology.


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