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Brine Crystallization Kit
Capillary Suction Timer (CST) Model 440
Chloride Content Kit
Chloride, Alkalinity and Water Hardness Test Kit
DYNAMIC HPHT® Filtration System - Model 90
Filtrate Analysis Kit
Hydrogen Sulfide Detection Kit (Copper Method)
Iron Sulfide Detection Kit
Mud Balance Model 140
Mud Test Kit PORTA LAB™ Model 855 (Offshore)
Retort Kit Oil and Water 10 ML
iX77™ Rheometer
Aging Cells
Aniline Point Test Kit
Aqueous Phase Activity Kit
Atmospheric Consistometer Model 165AT
AutoCalcimeter Model 442
Automated Compressive Strength Tester
Automated Permeability Plugging Apparatus (APPA)
Balance Density Model 140
Balance Density TruWate Model 141
Baths - Digital Heated General-Purpose
Baths - Refrigerated/Heater
Baths - Refrigerated/Heater
Baths - Utility Heated Water
Blenders - Waring ®
Calcimeter - Pressure Gauge Model 432
Calcimeter - Recording Model 43210
Cement Cube Molds
Cement Curing Autoclave
Centrifuge Manually Operated Model 18801
Centrifuge Non-Heated Model 18206
Centrifuge, Bench Top
Chemical Analysis Redirected
Chemical Reagents
Circular Expansion Cement Curing Kit
Compressive Strength Tester
Corrosion Test Cell
DNA System
DR3 Digital Retort
Demo and Refurbished Products
Differential Sticking Tester
Dispersator/High Shear Mixer
Drill Pipe Corrosion Coupons
EP / Lubricity Tester Model 212
Electrical Stability Tester (EST)
Filter Cores for Dynamic HPHT® Filtration System
Filter Paper
Filter Press API (LPLT)
Filter Press Cell Clamp
Filter Press HPHT 175 ML
Filter Press HPHT 500 ML
Filter Press Half Area
Filter Press Hydraulic Dead Weight
Filtration - API (LPLT)
Fluoroscope Lamp with Cabinet
Garrett Gas Train Test
HPHT Consistometer
HPHT Safe Cell
HT4700 HPHT Filter Press
Hygrometer Digital Thermo
Iron (Total) Titration Kit
Kjeldahl Titration Apparatus
Linear Swell Meter
Lost Circulation Material Evaluation Receiver
Marsh Funnel Viscometer
Membrane Filter Tester
Methylene Blue Test Kit
Mixer - Constant Speed Model 686CS
Mixers - Field Portable
Mixers - Hamilton Beach ®
Mixers - Laboratory
Mixers - Multi-Mixer
Model 45 APV
Mud Balance TruWate Model 141
Mud Test Kit - Basic
Mud Test Kit - Oil Mud Kit Model 866
Mud Test Kit PORTA LAB ™ Model 853 (Airplane)
PHPA Polymer Concentration Test Kit
Permeability Plugging Apparatus (PPA)
Permeability Tests
Resistivity Meter Model 653B
Resistivity Meter Model 88C
Retort Kit Oil and Water 50 ML
RheoVADR Rheometer
Rheometer Model 50SL High Temperature
Rig Lab Model 821
Roller Oven, Model 802P 600 Degree
Roller Ovens Model 704 ET/705ET
Sag Testing
Sand Content Test Kit
Shear Strength
Sieve Shaker
Slurry Sampler (Tulsa Oil Thief)
Slurry Test Kit
SofChek Hardness Test Strips
Static Fluid Loss Test
Stirring Fluid Loss Test
Super Slurry Test Kit Model 833S
Temperature Controller Model 740
Turbidimeter Portable Model
Twin Cell UCA
Ultrasonic Cement Analyzer Model 304
Viscometer - Model 35
Viscometer - Model 35 Accessories
Water Hardness
Wet Sieve Analysis Kit
Wettability Tester Model C1001
pH Meters - Digital
pH Meters - Digital Pocket
pH/Ion Meter - Digital Lab Model