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Based in Houston, Texas, Fann Instrument Company has been the leading supplier of quality instruments for oilfield analysis since 1939.

James  FannFann's roots can be traced to the oilfields and James D. Fann. In 1947, Fann applied for his first patent on a Viscosity Measuring Device, an instrument for the analysis of drilling fluids.  Over the next four decades, the company Fann started experienced even more growth in its products and systems, testing capabilities, and expansion into the international marketplace.

Then, as now, instruments and test kits were designed to conform to the testing standards of the American Petroleum Institute (API), and were suitable for field and laboratory use. Others were designed to meet the requirements of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) as well as other technical specification groups.

Fann makes this promise to you:  Fann designs and manufactures instruments that surpass testing requirements with technical support that improves customer efficiency.  After all, we are the original testing equipment company.  We've been delivering on that promise for decades.