Many Fann Instrument products use a Windows-based Data Manager program to control or report on tests being conducted.

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Software is a vital component in many Fann products. It is important to keep the software up to date. This list shows the current version of the control software for individual Fann products. If you are not running the current version of the software, contact Fann for update information. Call 1-281-871-4461 or send an email to

Latest versions

Product Version Date
Model 50 1.50  
UCA 22 Jan 2010
MACS II 4 Oct 2017
Model 290 11 May 2015
Model ix77 16 April 2013
APPA 27 July 2016
LSM 2000 2.2 4 March 2009
LSM 2100 22 August 2013
RheoVADR 1.60 2 December 2015
DNA 6 November 2015
DataManager 15 November 2017
Stand Alone UCA 20 October 2015

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