The Model 420ATC UCA (Ultrasonic Cement Analyzer) delivers a twin cell design, running two independent tests in the footprint of one traditional unit.

Versatile operation enables testing of two slurry samples independently and continuously, at separate pressures and temperatures.

The operator controls all test parameters for both chambers from two touch screen displays.


Twin Cell UCA
Twin Cell UCA


  • Standalone operation - no computer required, digital touch screen.
  • USB port for data transfer if running as standalone.
  • Two independently operating UCA cells with continuous automatic temperature and pressure control
  • Integrated 5,000 or 20,000psi pressure system. 100psi deadband.
  • Temperature range from 480°F (249°C) to 40°F (4°C) via cooling ports
  • Insulation eliminates the potential for heat migration between the cells
  • Separate power receptacle is available for electronics and heaters, to mitigate power interruption
  • Compliant with existing Fann UCA chamber
  • Drawer for tools and accessories

Ordering Information

Part No. 102551792 Model 420ATC, Twin Cell UCA 20000psi

Part No. 102551791 Model 420ATC, Twin Cell UCA 5000psi


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