The Slurry Test Kit Model 833 is a portable kit that contains materials and equipment for measuring slurry properties. This kit allows laboratory-quality measurements of viscosity, specific gravity, density, pH, water hardness, and sand content. These test methods comply with API Recommended Practices for Field Testing Water-based Drilling Fluids, API RP 13B-1. All testing instruments are contained in a highimpact plastic carrying case. This case is durable, compact, and customized for storing each item. Users can make rapid, onsite measurements in the lab, field, or on the drilling rig

The Model IND Slurry Test Kit is a field transportable kit containing testing equipment designed for measuring the physical and chemical properties of slurries formulated in the field. This kit allows laboratory-quality measurements of funnel viscosity, plastic viscosity and yield point, specific gravity/density, pH, water hardness, sand content, and water loss (filtration) properties.

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Part No. 101443615   Slurry Test Kit, Model IND

Part No. 210392          Slurry Test Kit, Model 833

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