This 5,000 psig rated PPA is ideal for predicting how a drilling fluid can form a permeable filter cake to seal off depleted/under pressure intervals. The PPA utilizes a conventional HTHP Heating Jacket to simulate reservoir temperature. 


  • Realistic and accurate downhole simulation
  • Pressure applied from bottom, preventing solids from settling and adding to filter cake
  • Designed for HPHT testing
  • Filter media in various pore sizes to closely simulate structure of formation
  • Rupture discs to help ensure safe pressurization
  • Versatile use in the field or laboratory
The fluid cell is inverted, with pressure applied from the bottom of the cell and filtrate collected out the top. Pressure is transferred to the mud by a small hydraulic hand pump through a small floating piston within the cell. The PPA employs a ceramic filter disc, which is available in varying porosities. The disc offers a more authentic representation of the formation.
  • - Pressure rating: 5,000 psig (34,473 kPa)
  • - Temperature rating: 500°F (260°C)

Ordering Information

Part No. 206845  Permeability Plugging Apparatus 115 Volts/800 Watts

Part No. 206846 Permeability Plugging Apparatus 230 Volts/400 Watts

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