The Fann Porta Lab™ Model 853 Mud Testing Kit is the most widely used field portable test the world. This kit is designed to provide all necessary drilling fluid testing equipment required for field testing of drilling fluids according to API Recommended Practice 13B-1. The kit contains a Rheometer, Retort, Mixer for Pilot Testing, Half Area Filter Press, Sand Content set, pH Papers, Chemicals and Glassware for Chloride, Alkalinity, and Water Hardness Tests. All testing apparatus and reagents are contained in a specially designed stainless steel case. The front panel of the kit forms a work table when opened.

Mud Test Kit Airplane 853
Mud Test Kit Airplane 853
Dimensions 27 X 7 X 12 inches
Weight 55 pounds

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Part No. 210400 MUD TESTING KIT PORTA LAB™ MODEL 853 (Formerly Airplane Kit)

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