Fann HT UCA (High-Temperature Ultrasonic Cement Analyzer) Model 520 is used to provide an indication of the relative strength development of a slurry sample while being cured under downhole temperature and pressure conditions. Relative strength is determined by measuring the change in velocity of an ultrasonic signal transmitted through the cement slurry specimen as it cures. As the strength of the cement specimen increases, the transit time of the ultrasonic signal through the specimen decreases, allowing the relative strength to be calculated.


  • Digital, realtime display of current strength, transit time, pressure and temperature measurements
  • USB flash drive for data export
  • Microsoft® Windows® 7* OS
  • Non-destructive method determining relative compressive strength and WOC time
  • Compact benchtop design
  • Integrated cooling to cool the pressure vessel quickly (Optional chiller available)
  • Transit time calibration is carried out by water test fluid
  • No other computer needed
  • Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corp.
  • 12in color touchscreen display
  • Realtime networked data acquisition
  • Rugged and compact electronics withstand lab environment
  • Automatic shutdown based on compressive strength or test time
  • Higher temperature rated, ultrasonic transducers
  • Fann software capable of integrating competitor data acquisition systems and running multiple machines
  • Step by step instructions for programming options onscreen
Model 520 HT UCA
Model 520 HT UCA


Model 520HT UCA


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Part No. 102546636 - Ultrasonic Cement Analyzer System, 20,000 psi, 500° F Model 520

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