Fann Consistometer Model 422CC (dual cell) is specifically designed to measure the thickening time of cement slurries in strict compliance with ISO requirements and API specifications. With high temperatures and pressures applied to the cement, it is possible to simulate a variety of conditions found in actual down-hole well cementing. This model has been tested to temperatures up to 400°F and pressures up to 22,000psi.


  • Easy network LAN for remote viewing in real-time
  • USB data export
  • Precision magnetic drive assembly
  • Automatic cooling
  • No other computer required to operate the system
  • Onboard memory to store thousands of tests’ data
  • Supplied with tool kit, spares, and accessories
  • Pressure control option can be added
  • Redesigned with automated functions
  • Oil reservoir cooling
  • 12in color touchscreen display
  • Rate of temperature rise of the slurry can be closely controlled over a wide range of temperature gradients including a multi-slope gradient
  • The cooling coils around the pressure vessel permits the circulation of a cooling fluid to cool the pressure vessel quickly
  • High-wattage slurry heater provides high heating rates needed to simulate high temperature gradients in wells
  • Viscosity alarms can be set over the range from less than 30 Bc to 100 Bc








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Part No. 102546632 - Dual Cell HPHT Pressurized Consistometer 22,000psi 400°F Model 422CC

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