Fann Consistometer Model 422 (single cell) is specifically designed to increase flexibility testing with an automated design, while measuring the thickening time of cement slurries in strict compliance with ISO requirements and API specifications. With high temperatures and pressures applied to the cement, it is possible to simulate a variety of conditions found in actual downhole well cementing. This model has been tested to temperatures up to 400°F and pressures up to 22,000psi.


  • All parts interchangable with other consistometers
  • Computer control box separated from instrument for access to ports, repair, or upgrades
  • Fast, automatic, time-programmable pressure vessel and oil reservoir cooling after test
  • Simple calibration routines
  • Compact design with easy serviceability
  • Data exports to databases and spreadsheets
  • Simple network setup and remote viewing
  • Compare multiple live tests and print/export data
  • UPS power can be installed
  • User can change colors, labels, scales
  • Adjustable, audible alarms for thickening time
  • Extra large, viewable oil reservoir
  • 22 inch color touchscreen
  • Digital temperature, pressure, consistency indication
  • Windows®, 180GB hard drive, Intel® AtomTM 1.6 GHz processor
  • Rugged electronics
  • No external computer required
  • Worldwide service and parts delivery

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Part No. 102538934 - Single Cell HPHT Pressurized Automatic Consistometer 22,000psi 400°F Model 422


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