Fann Pressurized Consistometer is designed to perform thickening time tests in accordance with API specifications. Cement slurries are tested at temperatures up to 400°F and pressures up to 15,000 psig. The consistometer slurry cup assembly uses a rotating paddle and a stationary cylindrical slurry cup. The rotational force on the paddle is proportional to the consistency of the cement slurry and is measured through a servo drive computer. Consistency values, recorded in Bearden units of consistency (Bc), are indicated on a plot generated by the data acquisition system.


  • Automatic cooling after test
  • Below ambient temperature testing
  • Microsoft® Windows® 7* OS with 180GB
  • Easy cement ejection system
  • Compact benchtop design
  • Pressure consistency displayed in real time
  • Gel strength option can be added
  • Easily exportable data into text files
  • Remote viewing capable via network
  • Magnetic drive system
  • No other computer needed
  • Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corp.
  • 12in color touchscreen display
  • Realtime networked data acquisition
  • Electronics and plumbing easily accessible
  • Thermocouple protection against runaway heater
  • Overcurrent sensing monitors and protects against short circuits
  • Rupture disc protects system overpressure
  • Fused circuitry protects system
  • Adjustable units of measure





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Part No. 102547776 - HPHT Pressurized Consistometer 15,000psi 400°F Model 415C

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