The Membrane Filter Test was developed to provide a qualitative and quantitative test for determining various aspects of water quality. Relative filtration rates, quantity and composition of suspended solids can be established. The Tester is shown on the right with optional case.

The tester can be used effectively to provide data for the following water problems:

  • Relative plugging tendencies
  • Chemical compatibility
  • Suspended native solids such as sand, clay, etc.
  • Suspended corrosion by-products such as iron sulfide
  • Suspended alkaline earth metal precipitates such as calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, etc.
  • Biological by-product contamination
  • Effect of entrained hydrocarbons on filtration

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Part No. 209664 Membrane Filter Tester, 3200 ml capacity

Part No. 209674 Membrane Filter Tester, 4000 ml capacity

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