The Model 290 High-Pressure High-Temperature (HPHT) Consistometer is used to evaluate the consistency or pumpability of cement slurries. Operators can determine the maximum available pumping time of cement slurry before it reaches a non-pumpable consistency before setting.

M290 Consistometer
M290 Consistometer

The Model 290 HPHT Consistometer measures the thickening time of cement slurries under simulated downhole pressure and temperature conditions. Its maximum operating conditions are 400degF (204degC) and 30,000 psi (207 MPa). The thickening time of cement slurry is a good indicator of how long the slurry will remain pumpable. Thickening time is the time required for stirred cement slurry to reach a consistency of 100 Bearden units (Bc). The Bearden unit of consistency (Bc) is a dimensionless quantity from 0-100 units. The Bc number corresponds to the torque required to deflect an electrical potentiometer. 

The Model 290 HPHT Consistometer is designed for conformance to the American Petroleum Institute Recommended Practice for Testing Well Cements, API RP 10B and Addendum 2 to API RP 10B.

M290A - An upgrade kit to the existing M290 machine.

  • Safely allows operator to run tests longer than 12hours
  • Wide LCD touch screen
  • Linux based OS with new User Interface for more userfriendly atmosphere
  • Can be remotely operated using FannOne Software (our latest software development)

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Part No. 101443590 M290 Consistometer

Part No. 102568291 Kit Model 290A Consistometer (290A upgrade)

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