The oil fluoroscope is versatile, dual-purpose instrument designed for on-site or laboratory inspection of drill cuttings for the presence of oil. The compact handheld UV lamp fits comfortably in the hand. Special design viewing cabinet provides a darkroom environment for viewing materials. The cabinet features a contrast control filter that absorbs UV energy to protect the eyes.


A darkened environment is created with the specially designed viewing cabinet. Materials can be placed in the cabinet and viewed through the UV blocking view port. Access to the cabinet interior is easy with the light-blocking curtain. The operator can use a white light to examine drill cuttings and then switch to an ultraviolet light to determine the existence of hydrocarbons. All of this can be accomplished without removing the sample from the instrument.

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Part No. 204265 - Fluoroscope Lamp, UV
Part No. 204268 - Fluoroscope Cabinet, Black 

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