The Fann Dynamic HPHT® Filtration System is the industry’s only true dynamic filtration system for measuring filtration properties of drilling fluids and breakers at elevated temperatures and pressures. The system is fully automatic with a built-in computer controller and menu-driven software for programming test variables. The LCD display allows monitoring of real-time test data, which can be recorded in a laboratory notebook or printed. The Dynamic HPHT® also features an interface port for downloading data directly to a personal computer.

Model 90
Model 90

This high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) unit closely simulates downhole conditions. It uses ceramic filter cores ranging from 5 to 190 microns and offers twenty sequence steps for temperature, pressure, differential pressure and shear rate, ensuring reliable test results. Built-in safety features include a pressure relief valve, an automatic over-temperature shutdown, an automatic heater and motor cut-off interlock door.

The filter core is a thick-walled cylinder with formation-like characteristics comparable to a borehole. Filtration occurs radially, flowing from the center outward of the filter core. Simultaneously, the filter cake is forms on the inside of filter core the same way a filter cake forms on the walls of a borehole. A polished stainless steel shear bob runs through the central axis of the filter core. The shear bob is rotated to produce a concentric cylinder-type shear across the filtration surface. The fluid loss volume and rate can be easily measured and recorded.

Filter Core, Model 90
Filter Core, Model 90

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Part No. 209113 Dynamic HPHT® Filtration System, Model 90

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