The DR3 Digital Retort is a next generation upgrade to the industry standard 10mL and 50mL oil and water retorts. It features digital temperature display and control for precise heating and ease of use. The unit comes with a standard chamber volume of 50mL, which can be modified to 20mL or 10mL using custom inserts.

Digital Retort DR3 Specifications

Temperature Range  -  930°F(+/-2°F)

Sample Volumes  -  50 mL standard 10 and 20 mL options with accessory lids
Power  -  115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1000 watts
Dimensions (W x D x H) - 6in x 7in x 15in
Weight  -  30 lb (13.61 kg)

Retort DR3
Retort DR3
  • Enhanced safety via short circuit and over temperature shut-off protection
  • Enhanced safety via improved insulation that reduces skin temperature to < 150°F
  • Enhanced safety via larger condenser tube, which reduces potential for blockage
  • Main chamber volume (50mL) can be modified to 20mL, 10mL using custom inserts
  • Digital temperature display and control to (+/-2°F)
  • Smaller footprint that is easier to transport and requires less benchtop space
  • Fan added to circulate air and increase life span of electrical components
  • UL/CE compliant electrical components and overall design functionalites

Ordering Information

Part No- 102620462 Digital Retort DR3 Kit1

Part No- 102615226 Digital Retort DR3

Part No- 102620871 10 mL Lid Insert

Part No- 102570451 20 mL Lid Insert

Part No- 102620463 DR3 Accessories Kit2

Part No- 102620464 DR3 Spares Kit3


1 includes: case, accessories kit, spare parts kit

2 includes: cleaning & testing tools, wetting agent & lubricants, 50 mL graduated cylinder

3 includes: extra O-rings & retaining rings


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