12 Ton Hydraulic Press

Easy-to-read dual scale gauge is calibrated in pounds and metric tons

Compressive Strength Tester Model 3851 is a twelve ton manual, two-column hydraulic press with 6" x 6" square platens. It features adjustable daylight, steel construction for rigid precision and includes safety shield for operator protection.

Clamping Force    -  12 tons(24,000 lb)

Platens                  -  6 in x 6 in

Ram Stroke           -  5.1 in

Daylight Opening  -  75 in to 18 in

Footprint: width    -  15 in x depth 16 in

Height                    -  36 in

Weight                   -  200 lb

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Part No. 204195   Compressive Strength Tester

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