The Model D4004 Chiller provides controlled sample cooling for an iX77™ Rheometer. The chiller is capable of regulated sample cooling; from ambient temperature to -10°C. The amount of time required to cool a 200 centipoise silicone calibration fluid from room temperature to -7°C is less than 30 minutes (with sample stirred at 40 RPM).

The digital controller allows temperature regulation of +/- 0.1°C. Sample temperature is indicated on the display screen of the i X77™  Rheometer and within the normal display screen of the host computer.

Specifications - Part No. 204160 Chiller 115/120 Volts

Recirculating Cooler 560 watts, 120 volts, 60Hz, 8 amps
Temp range -10°C to +35°C
Heat Removal 960 W @ 20°C
Pump Pos. Disp 1.6 GPM @ 95 PSI
Reservoir 2 liter
Control Digital, 0.1°C indicat.
Stability +/- 0.1°C
Connections 1/4" MNPT

Specifications - Part No. 381464 Chiller 220/230 Volts

Recirculating cooler 465 watts, 220 volts, 50Hz, 5 amps
Temp range -10°C TO +35°C
Heat removal 870w @ 20°C
Pump Pos. Disp.1.6 GPM @ 95 PSI
Reservoir 2 liter
Control Digital, 0.1°C Indicat
Stability +/- 0.1°C
Connections 1/4" MNPT

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Part No. 204160 Chiller 115/120 Volts

Part No. 381464 Chiller 220/230 Volts

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