These instruments comply with the ASTM D 4373-84 Standard Test Method For Calcium Carbonate Content  In Soils. This test method is under the jurisdiction of
ASTM Committee D-18 on Soil and Rock and is the
direct responsibility of Subcommittee D-18.13 on
Marine Geotechnics.

Calcimeter Pressure Gauge Model
Calcimeter Pressure Gauge Model

Calcimeters can determine, quickly and with a high degree of accuracy, if the scale build-up is composed of calcium carbonate. 

Calcimeters are suited to a differential measure of the calcite to dolomite content of the unknown sample. 

When using the Pressure Gauge Calcimeter Model 432 an operator must be present during the test to record readings at regular intervals. 

The calcite contents are available in a matter of seconds and the dolomites can be determined in 15-20 minutes.

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Part No. 209696   Gauge Calcimeter Model 432

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