Forney Model F-250

The Forney F-250 Press provides fully automatic, one touch testing for construction material test specimens. The Automated Hydraulic Press gathers all test parameters and data, compiles the results into a database format, along with printed results including load vs time graph, and automatically transmits the data to a user-defined location.

Forney Model F-250
Forney Model F-250




  • Constant application speed of force
  • Energy efficient and quiet operation
  • Technical and diagnostic support via remote connection
  • Operation via touch screen panel
  • Optional Spanish language disply
  • Automatic report creation in PDF format
  • No computer required
  • WiFi transmission of data

Ordering Information

Part No. 102541081— Automated Compressive Strength Tester, 115 Volt
Part No. 102540896— Automated Compressive Strength Tester, 230 Volt


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