The Model 420ATC UCA (Ultrasonic Cement Analyzer) delivers a twin cell design, running two independent tests in the footprint of one traditional unit. Versatile operation enables testing of two slurry samples independently and continuously, at separate pressures and temperatures. The operator controls all test parameters for both chambers from two touch screen displays.

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The DR3 Variable Volume Digital Retort features a new design that allows one unit to replace 50 mL, 20 mL, and 10 mL oil and water retorts.

The DR3 also includes enhanced safety features to reduce the risk of burns and pressure discharge.

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The Model 45 APV (Automatic Programmable Viscometer) allows for pre-programmed customied test schedules using touch screen controls and digital measurement technology.

Custom testing profiles can be created and saved on the unit, no external computer is required. Data is graphed on screen and saved into memory as tests are performed.

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The AutoCalcimeter determines the amount of calcium carbonate and calcium magnesium carbonate in samples such as oil well cores or drill cuttings. Data from the Fann AutoCalcimeter can help determine the optimal chemical treatment.

The AutoCalcimeter is in compliance with ASTM D 4373-84: Standard Test Method for Calcium Carbonate Content in soils.


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The RheoVADR® Variable Automated Digital Rheometer redefines the stand-alone rheometer. An operator can record test data in the lab or in the field without connecting to a computer or network. The RheoVADR® Rheometer comes with pre-progammed settings for API standard drilling fluid and cement tests.


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Fann introduces the HPHT Safe Cell, an innovation in HPHT filtration testing.  The Safe Cell requires no special tools, opens and closes by hand, and is designed to prevent accidents.  Safety and simplicity are engineered into the Safe Cell.  It fits existing Fann heating jackets and the new HT4700 digital heating jacket.

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The HT4700 HPHT Filter Press is designed for safe and efficient high-temperature, high-pressure fluid loss testing that meets API specifications.

Features include digital temperature controller for the heater, digital temperature indicator, lock and release knob to secure cell in place, and a digital data port for recording data.


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The  Automated Permeability Plugging Apparatus (APPA) Model 389AP brings automation to high pressure, high temperature permeability plugging tests.  Rated to 5000 psig, the APPA is ideal for predicting how a drilling fluid can form a permeable filter cake to seal off depleted or under pressure intervals.

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The Lost Circulation Material (LCM) Evaluation Receiver is an alternative back pressure receiver for the Fann® Permeability Plugging Apparatus (PPA) and Automated Plugging Apparatus (APPA).

The LCM Evaluation Receiver can handle larger particles without plugging. This new design is beneficial for testing drilling fluids containing various sized material at engineered concentrations.

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Control and safety are important, and Fann's new laboratory roller ovens reflect that focus. The Model 704ET and Model 705ET Roller Ovens feature an Enhanced Saftey System and a new programmable timer. These four and five roller ovens are available now.

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The DNA System is a proprietary software and hardware combination used to connect multiple Fann Instrument Company products to a computer. This connection adds new capabilities to the instruments by joining them into an integrated test system.

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