Ultrasonic Cement Testing

In an ultrasonic compressive-strength test, a high-frequency sound pulses to a cement slurry sample and measures the length of time required for the sound wave to travel completely through the sample. As the cement hardens, the wave travels faster and takes a shorter time to reach the other end of the sample. This transit time data helps to plan a cementing schedule for a well.

30KPS Pressure Controller
This pressure controller is a compact, self-contained solution that can be plumbed to serve and control multiple pressure driven devices, such as autoclaves, curing chambers and more.
Modular UCA
Fann Instrument Company’s Modular UCA (Ultrasonic Cement Analyzer) offers a standalone, adaptive design for scalable daisy chain configurations specific to each lab’s needs.
Twin Cell UCA
The Model 420ATC ultrasonic cement analyzer delivers a twin cell design in the footprint of a traditional single unit.
Ultrasonic Cement Analyzer Model 304
Provides a non-destructive method for determining the relative strength development of a cement sample under down-hole temperature and pressure conditions

Ultrasonic Testing

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Summary Fann 102551791 Twin Cell UCA Instruction Manual Feb 2017
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