Problems such as stuck pipe, tight hole, washout, and sloughing can be related to shale stability. Tests used to determine if a specific shale is likely to cause problems include the capillary suction time (CST) test and the linear-swell meter (LSM) test. CST test results show the inhibitive effects of various slats and their concentrations on the dispersion of a shale.

Capillary Suction Timer (CST) Model 440
The Model 440 Capillary Suction Timer (CST) consists of a digital timer, sample cell, and a specially selected filter paper composed of unidirectional fibers.
Linear Swell Meter
Helps determine shale hydration or dehydration

Shale Test

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Summary Linear Swell Meter 2100 Instruction Manual Sep 2015
Summary Capillary Suction Timer Feb 2014
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