Corrosion Monitoring

Placing corrosion test rings in the drill string is one of the more common techniques used to evaluate the corrosiveness of drilling fluids on the drill string and other steel equipment. Removal and examination of these rings, after they have been downhole for some time, can be highly informative as to the corrosiveness of the drilling fluid and the type of corrosion encountered.

Corrosion Test Cell
For testing fluids at temperatures up to 500°F (260°C) and pressures to 2,500 psig (17,237 kPa)
Drill Pipe Corrosion Coupons
Made of Cold Drawn seamless mechanical tubing Type 4130 machine-finish steel
Hydrogen Sulfide Detection Kit (Copper Method)
Provides a rapid and inexpensive (qualitative) procedure for detecting the presence of hydrogen sulfide
Iron Sulfide Detection Kit
The Iron Sulfide Detection Kit is designed to test steel armor wire for the presence of iron sulfide.

Corrosion Monitoring

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Summary Hydrogen Sulfide Detectection Kit Aug 2011
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