Aging / Roller Ovens

Drilling fluid testing often requires aging of a drilling fluid sample.  The sample, previously subjected to a period of shear, is allowed to more fully develop its rheological and filtration properties in an aging cell.

The time period needed to more fully develop properties in a drilling fluid varies from as little as several hours (usually 16 hours) to as long as several days. The aging can be done at either ambient or elevated temperatures.

The primary tool for this aging is a roller oven.

Aging Cells
Aging is done under conditions which vary from static to dynamic and from ambient to highly elevated temperatures.
Roller Oven, Model 802P 600 Degree
Portable 600 Degree Roller Oven for aging
Roller Ovens Model 704 ET/705ET
Provide an excellent method of aging fluid samples for further analysis.

Aging/Roller Ovens

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